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If you are interested in a career in the sports industry our range of courses will help you fulfil your ambitions.  There are exciting opportunities for you to obtain industry standard qualifications, as well as developing your understanding of the various disciplines in this area of study.

Students should be prepared to tackle theoretical elements of the study of sport.  There may also be the opportunity to take practical courses in addition to your main course.  As part of the student programme a range of additional, relevant sports qualifications will be offered.  These will help students to gain employment and help develop confidence in working with people.

Sport currently sits in the top 15 industrial sectors in England, contributing £20.3 billion to the economy in 2010, 1.9% of the total.  The number of sport related jobs in the UK is estimated at over 400,000.  The sector also has a large number of volunteers, with the estimated economic value of sport-related volunteering at £2.7 billion.  Additionally participation in sport brings health benefits to the nation, which is currently estimated at £11.2 billion.

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