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Staff Intranet

The college Staff Intranet is a dynamic informative web area designed around the staff information needs both within the college and external staff links.

External Link: Click Here to access the Staff Intranet externally

Internal Link: Click Here to access the Staff Intranet internally

Staff Intranet

If a security alert pops up please click yes.

Accessing Outside College

If you are accessing the intranet from outside the college you will get a login box.

Your username should start with brooklands\ so joe.bloggs would be brooklands\joe.bloggs

Staff Intranet Login

The data held on any Brooklands College host system is PRIVATE PROPERTY Access to the data is only available for authorised users and purposes. Unauthorised entry contravenes the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and may incur criminal penalties as well as damages.

By logging in you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you are not an authorised user, you must contact Brooklands College IT Services if you need remote access to this host system and you must not proceed any further.

05 Oct
Full-time Open Event - Weybridge Campus
05th Oct 17 17:30 - 05th Oct 17 20:00
10 Oct
Full-time Open Event - Ashford Campus
10th Oct 17 17:30 - 10th Oct 17 20:00
01 Nov
Halloween Dinner - Brooks Restaurant BOOK NOW
01st Nov 17 18:00 - 01st Nov 17 21:00
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