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Maths and English

Good English and Maths skills are essential in your work and daily life.

We use English and maths skills everyday – at work and at home.  Many adults lack confidence in these skills but it’s never too late to improve them.  Getting better at maths and English helps you to have more control over your finances, communicate better whether face to face, online or in writing.  There are courses at all levels so there is a something for everyone.  Improving your skills and gaining a qualification will boost your confidence and can be life-changing.  The person you were at school is not the person you are now.  Learning as an adult is rewarding and can have many benefits including accessing higher levels of learning, gaining rewarding employment and helping children  or grandchildren.  It’s never too late to change your life!

Feel more confident when you write.

  • Improve your spelling
  • Get to grips with maths
  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Write better emails
  • Understand graphs and charts
  • Read more and read confidently
  • Home-school with confidence!
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