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Examination Certificates – Final Chance for Collection

If you studied at Brooklands College between 2005 – 2020 and have yet to collect your examination certificates, would you please contact our Exams team as a matter of urgency. We will then be able to check our records and arrange for you to collect your certificate(s) in person or have it posted to you (for which there is a charge).

The deadline for collection of certificates is Friday 31st July 2022. After this date, all unclaimed certificates for studies between 2005 – 2020 will be destroyed.

To check if we hold any certificates for you, and to arrange collection please email including the following information, and our team will respond to you no later than 30 days from receipt of your email:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Evidence of your studies at Brooklands College
  • You will need a form of photographic ID when requesting or collecting certificates (for example Driving Licence, Passport or Student Identity Card)
  • Also specify whether you would like to:
    • Make an appointment for collection
    • Have your certificates posted to you for a fee of £7.00
    • Nominate someone to collect your certificates on your behalf with your written permission and proof of their ID identified in your request (they must bring their ID along to verify)
    • Have your certificates sent to Ashford campus where you will be able to collect them from Ashford reception

It is important that you collect your certificates as they are valuable documents which may be requested by employers when you start a new job.

If there is no certificate on file, it will mean that it has already been collected and you will need to contact the relevant Exam Board for a replacement.

Please note, in line with GDPR and Exam Board regulations, Brooklands College (as an Exam Centre) may destroy any unclaimed certificates by a secure method (for example by shredding or incineration) after holding them for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. With a record of all certificates destroyed by a Centre being kept for a further period of four years from the date of their destruction.

You should be aware that some awarding bodies do not offer a replacement certificate service. In such circumstances the awarding body will issue a Certifying Statement of Results. Where an awarding body issues a replacement certificate or a Certifying Statement of Results, this will provide an accurate and complete record of results for all qualifications covered by the original certificate.

Damaged or lost certificates are unable to be replaced, The Examination Boards may issue a Certifying Statement of Result, which will incur a fee.

If you have any questions, please contact our Exams Certificate Coordinator:


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