Is there any flexibility on interview dates/times?

In the majority of cases we are unable to re-schedule an interview date, due to time restraints and resources it can be very difficult to get the interview panel together for more than one date. However, if the panel do not recruit from the current round of interviews, we will contact you regarding an alternative date to interview, if you are still interested.

Will my referees be contacted before I receive a job offer?

Not usually. Your referees will be contacted once we have made a conditional offer of employment, however, we will not take up your references without your permission if you have indicated this on your application.

We will ask you for two references, one of which must be your current or most recent employer.

Will my application be considered if I’m a non-EU resident?

Yes. The College will consider all applications received. However, we are required to check that all of our employees are eligible to live and work in the UK. If you are successful in your application, you will be required to provide evidence of this.

We will need to see a valid working visa or residence permit as part of our background check.

What does a ‘Sessional’ contract mean?

A Sessional contract is for a variable number of hours as we need flexibility and the hours for this type of work will fluctuate. Staff on this type of contract will normally be given their hours of work for the term ahead (and sometimes for the whole academic year). Some ‘bank’ roles will be offered hours on an ad-hoc basis.

Sessional staff on teaching contracts are paid 40% of their hourly rate for every hour they teach to take account of the extra duties required of a lecturer. These would include preparation, marking, attending meetings etc.

All staff on this type of contract also have their holiday pay paid to them each month and usually take their time off during the normal College holidays at Christmas, Easter and during the summer. The calculation is made taking into account the pro-rata holiday entitlement to that of a full time member of staff.

What type of job opportunities do you offer?

We offer a full range of Lecturing, Support and Management roles across the College. We offer full time and part time roles which may fall into permanent, sessional or term time only contracts.

What does ‘A Conditional Offer’ mean?

All offers of employment are subject to a number of checks being made satisfactorily to the College. Once a conditional offer has been made, the College will undertake background checks, which include taking up your references, checking your identity, sending your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) form for processing and conducting appropriate medical checks.

The time this takes varies from but we will try and get you to come into the College as soon as possible to check your ID and complete a DBS form. It is always a good idea to inform your referees beforehand so they will be expecting us to contact them, which can greatly speed up the process.

If your DBS check has not been returned by your start date, normally a risk assessment will be carried out by the department prior to you starting your role with us.

You will also be required to complete a medical form and may be required to undergo a health assessment, to ensure that you are fit to carry out the role and to let us know if there are any adjustments that we need to make to enable you to carry out your job.

What will the selection process be?

The selection process can vary depending on the position, but if you are successful in being shortlisted for the role you have applied for, you will be invited to attend an interview at the College. As part of this process, you may be asked to do a test (maybe an IT test or another type of test relevant to the role), a micro-teach or a presentation. You will receive all the details for this in your invite to interview correspondence.

When you come for your interview, you will meet the recruiting manager for the role and the rest of the interview panel, which will be a total of two to four people, depending upon the role. Sometimes a decision is made after one round of interviews. At other times, you will need to come back to the College to attend a second round of interviews or further tests or assessments. If you are successful at this stage, then you will be contacted after the interviews and given a conditional offer for the role.