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T-Levels The Next Level Qualification

T Levels


T Levels are a 2 year qualification choice that follow GCSEs and give students a head-start towards the career they want. They are aimed at post—GCSE students and should be positioned as a highquality alternative to A levels, apprenticeships, traineeships or any other post-16 option.

T Levels are based on the world’s best technical education systems and are part of government reforms to help address the skills gap and provide a clear range of options after GCSE.

The courses were developed with leading employers to ensure that young people gain the knowledge and skills that businesses need. A T Level is equivalent in size to 3 A levels and will attract UCAS points. They combine learning environment study (80%) with a substantial industry placement (20%) and will support young people to progress into an entrylevel skilled job, a higher apprenticeship or on to further study, including at university. The vision of the government is that T Levels will become the option of choice for the majority of 16-18 year olds who want to progress into skilled employment or onto higher levels of technical education.


T Levels will suit those students who know the industry or are of work they want to pursue for a career, and like the idea of a predominantly learning environment based course but with a strong practical emphasis and time in the workplace. They differ from apprenticeships which are predominantly work-based and focussed on a particular occupation; and A levels which are academic and entirely classroom or learning environment based.

Since a T Level is equivalent to 3 A levels in size, it is important to recognise the amount and rigour of learning involved. For students who need extra support before starting a T Level, there is a 1 year transition programme.

T Levels will suit those students who know the industry or area of work they want to pursue for a career

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