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Apply for an Apprenticeship at Brooklands College

How to Apply

Apprenticeships at Brooklands College

There are three ways to find an Apprenticeship.

Find your own employer

  1. Find a place of employment – you need to find a company which is willing to take you on as an apprentice. They will also need to give you a contract of employment.
  2. You can search for employers looking for apprentices on the National Apprenticeship Service website. This allows you search for placements with all employers that have vacancies.
  3. Once you have an employer who is happy to take you on, contact us using the details below.
  4. We will then booked an appointment with your employer, the college and yourself, to go through all the paperwork and get you signed up to start the Apprenticeship.
  5. Once you are all signed up, you will normally do 1 day a week at college (unless it is an Apprenticeship that doesn’t require day attendance at college) then 1 of our Assessors will come out to you on a regular basis to monitor you in your work place.

Look on our website for an employer

We also have employers advertising Apprenticeships on our website. You will need to visit our Apprenticeship Vacancies where employers advertise their vacancies for apprentices. If you find a vacancy you like, you can apply to it directly.

Contact the Apprenticeships team

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