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How to Apply

How to Apply (Y10/Y11)

Please follow the link to our dedicated Y10/Y11 page for course information and how to apply: Y10/Y11 Information

How to Apply (FE)

The first step to applying for a course at Brooklands College is to search our courses and find a course to suit you. If you are undecided, you can choose more than one course, giving a first and second option. You can then click Apply now and complete your application online. Once your application is received and processed, you will be invited to an interview session to discuss the course and your suitability. Following a successful interview you will be offered a place to study with us in the following academic year.

The College offers a fair application system and accepts applications from all schools.

Please note, if you are undecided about which course you would like to choose, you can apply for more than one.

We prefer applications online as it helps us to provide you with the most efficient service. However, if you do experience any difficulties with this process, please contact us so that we can assist you or discuss alternative methods of application. You can call us on 01932 797797 or contact us.

How to Apply (Adults) 

The first step to applying for an adult part-time course at Brooklands College is to search our courses and find a course to suit you. Once decided there are three stages to follow:

Stage One
Complete an Enrolment Form

Stage Two
On receipt of your Enrolment form, the Admissions Team will check your details provided and make contact with you to discuss options for fee payment or to assess your eligibility for fee remission, where applicable. Please note that not all courses will be eligible for fee remission. At this point we will ask you to provide further evidence of employment income or unemployment evidence to support the criteria for fee remission if applicable to your course and circumstances.

Some courses at Level 3 or above, may require an interview with the Curriculum area to confirm acceptance on the course.  In this event we will forward your Enrolment details to the Curriculum area tutor and they will make contact with you to discuss the course options and criteria further.

There are also courses which will require assessment to determine the level you will study at (English, Maths and ESOL) your enrolment details will therefore be forwarded to the tutor to discuss assessment.  

Stage Three
Once we have fully assessed and received all the above in stage two, the Admissions Team will finalise your Enrolment and will email you with confirmation and information about obtaining your College ID Card. We will also send confirmation to your Course tutor ready for the start of your course.

We also hold Events for part-time courses, where you can come along for information and guidance, find out all about the course, speak to tutors, complete your enrolment form and pay any fees due.

Admissions Team
T: 01932 797797

*Some courses including IT, Computing, Maths, English and ESOL are FREE depending on your personal circumstances.

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