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Results & Certificates

Please check this page regularly as it will be updated with information as we receive it

Awarding BodyRelease of results to learners
BTEC January 2024 Exam Series Results Day is 21st March 2024
BTEC February 2024 Exam Series
Results Day is 4th April 2024

How will I receive my results?

Results will be available on StudentNet on the morning results are available for distribution.

We recognise that Results Days are important to our learners and that they will be eager to find out if they’ve managed to secure the grades they need to take the next step in their educational journey. GDPR/ Data protection regulations mean that we are unable to discuss or give out information regarding results over the phone.

Accessing StudentNet:
If you are expecting results, before Results Day, check you can successfully login to StudentNet with your network account that you use to log into the college computers. For password issues/reset visit the Learning Hub or call 01932 558931 in the first instance if this is busy try 01932 506983.  
We will not email personal email addresses or issue results over the telephone.

Grading system for BTEC

grading system for BTEC

If the work you produce doesn’t meet the grading criteria for the lowest passing grade available for your qualification (P, L1 or N), you will be awarded a U, which means ’unclassified’.

Post results service and review of results (BTEC only)

If you are unhappy about an exam result, you can request a clerical re-check of marking (‘review of results’) or request the marked paper (‘access to scripts’). You should contact your Tutor to discuss your concerns before enquiries are forwarded to the Awarding Body. Depending on your qualification post result services may include:

  • Reviews of Results (RoRs):Clerical re-check; review of marking; review of moderation; appeals
  • Access to scripts (ATS):Access to marked examination scripts

The outcome of an enquiry into an externally assessed exam can lead to the marks going up, going down or staying the same.

Post-results services: deadlines, fees and charges for BTEC results only                       

Fees for post-results services are set independently by each awarding body and must be paid to Brooklands College before any applications can be submitted to the Awarding Body on your behalf. Details of the fees and deadlines for requests are set out in the table below.

All requests for clerical re-checks, review of marking and appeal must be completed using the Post Results Service Form and submitting it by email to or made in person to the Exams Office, Room L209, Weybridge campus. 

Post-results serviceDeadlinePearson
fee per paper
Clerical re-check
(Service 1)
This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result… This service will include the following checks:
• that all parts of the script have been marked
• the totalling of marks
• the recording of marks

18 April 2024
Clerical re-check
Review of marking
(Service 2)
This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly… Reviewers will not re-mark the script (exam paper). They will only act to correct any errors identified in the original marking… This service will include:
• the clerical re-checks detailed in Service 1
• a review of marking as described above                          
18 April 2024
£44.50Review of marking
Access to Script
Priority copy of marked paper (access to scripts) without review or clerical check
This is a priority service that ensures copies of scripts are returned in sufficient time to allow decisions to be made whether a review of marking should be applied for
18 April 2024£ Free
Access to Script
This is a non-priority service to request copy of marked paper (access to script)
13 June 2024
£ Free
Access to Script
Post review of marking
18 April 2024
£13.80Access to script

Please be aware of the deadline dates, as any requests received after these dates cannot be processed by the College or the Awarding Body.  

To make payment for any Post Results Service please click on the relevant link below or the QR code above:

Pearson – BTEC – Service 1 – Clerical Re-check [£12.50] –

Pearson – BTEC – Service 2 – Review of Marking [£44.50]

Pearson – BTEC – Access to Script – Post review of Marking [£13.80]

Certificate Collection 

It is important certificates are collected as soon as possible as they are valuable documents. The College has permission from the Awarding Boards to destroy certificates not collected after a period of 12 months from the date of issue. The cost of reissue of Certificate and/or Statement of Result will be payable by the student.  

Are your certificates ready for collection?

Certificates for the 2022–2023 academic year are now available for collection, including Summer English, Maths and Biology GCSEs, BTECs, City & Guilds, OCR, NOCN, UAL etc.

When will my BTEC certificate be ready for collection? 

BTEC Certificates for the 2023–2024 academic year will be available for collection in the summer.

How can I collect my certificate(s)?

To collect certificates: 

  • visit the Exams Office, Room L209 Locke-King Building, between 9:00-12:30 and 13:30-16:30 Monday to Friday. You MUST bring a form of photo ID with you.
  • email please include your name, date of birth and specify whether you would like to: collect or have certificates posted. 
  • Have your certificates posted to you for a fee of £7 – Details of how to pay can be found at  If you wish to have your certificate posted please provide your postal address. 
  • Nominate someone to collect your certificates on your behalf with your written permission (the nominated person must bring their own photo ID) 
  • Have your certificates sent to the Ashford campus, via the internal mail, where you will be able to collect them from Ashford reception.

It is important that you collect your certificates as they are valuable documents.  The College has permission from the Awarding Organisations to destroy certificates after a retention period of 12 months.

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