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Brooklands Experience

Welcome to our very first virtual Brooklands Experience!

We have held this event every year predominantly for Year 10’s at our campuses to give them a real insight into the courses we provide. This year of course it has not been possible, but that wasn’t going to stop us and we would like you to attend a very special virtual event! We would also welcome students from Year 11 who, because of the current situation, have not been able to visit the College.

We have provided a series of links to work through and, at the end, we hope that you will have a clearer understanding of the courses and career paths available to you.

You can do this at your own pace and visit as many course options as you wish. We hope you find the Experience both informative and enjoyable.

The questionnaire at the end will provide our schools with a register of the students that have attended so please take the time to complete this.

Good luck and enjoy!!

We invite you to view an introduction to Brooklands College. Brooklands College provides an excellent range of vocational courses at all levels. Vocational courses provide a more practical, real world approach to learning, combining theory with practical work. The skills you learn improve your employability and are highly regarded by employers and HE establishments alike.

The College also offers a range of apprenticeships which are becoming increasingly popular with students who wish to still gain qualifications but earn a salary at the same time.

TASK: Take our Short Career Assessment using the Career Coach Software to explore courses and careers in your area of interest – Click Here To Take Short Career Assessment

Each of our vocational areas have put together a task or in some cases a number of tasks for you to complete. Have a look at our options and take part in as many sessions as you wish. 

We would love to see how you get with these activities, feel free to email your photos to us:

Service Industries
Subjects in this area include: Public Services, Sport, Catering & Hospitality, Hair & Beauty, Child Studies, Health & Social Care and Travel & Tourism

STEM Industries
Subjects in this area include: Applied Science – Forensics, Engineering and Construction

Digital Industries
Subjects in this area include: Art & Design, Computing, Media and Business

Looking for an alternative to classroom education? Apprenticeships allow you to train in the workplace, earn money and learn the skills needed for various industry sectors
Apprenticeship Overview 
Take Our Apprenticeships Quiz – ACTIVITY

If you are interested in finding out more on college life, we invite you to flick through our latest BC Vision magazine highlighting the work and successes of our students – Click Here To Read BC Vision

We are proud to celebrate outstanding students in all of our curriculum areas – Click Here To Watch Student Awards 2020 Video

Wondering what the BC experience looks like? We have a range of videos which you can browse through and watch – Click Here To Watch Videos


And, finally…

We hope you have enjoyed the experience and thank you for giving us your time today. We very much hope to welcome you onto one of our campuses very soon.

TASK: We would ask you to complete the questionnaire below, the information that we receive will not only act as a register for the schools but provide us with important feedback.

If you would like any further information or assistance, please contact our Schools Liaison Officers: | 

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