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Dependable Derek

At Brooklands College, we are proud to have an extraordinary team of dedicated lecturers in all curriculum areas. They work hard to ensure that students feel supported in their learning and are able to work towards their targets well. 

It is very rewarding to hear their praises being sung too by the students and parents. We are delighted to share this letter from one parent Jody who heartily commends her son’s lecturer Derek Cully…

I would like to congratulate Brooklands College on having a fantastic member of the teaching staff within your bricklaying and construction team. This tutor is Derek Cully. 

I cannot thank Derek enough for the help, guidance and confidence that he has given to my son Harry.  

Harry has been his student for the past 2 years, the last year being very disruptive due to Covid. Harry seemed to lose all enthusiasm and confidence towards his work but managed to muddle through that latter 2nd year. I want to thank Derek for constantly keeping in touch with him.

Through Derek’s understanding of Harry being a little anxious at times and lacking in self confidence, he really listened to Harry and understood when he turned down a couple of apprenticeship offers. Derek vowed that he would help him find something or somewhere that may take him locally for his third year. I had my reservations that, under the current Covid climate, we would actually find anything at all? And feared would anyone actually be looking to recruit any form of apprentice at this time? There didn’t seem to be anything around at all when we were tirelessly looking, unless Harry was going to be prepared to work long distances away from home, and he was becoming more despondent! 

True to his word Derek came up trumps! I am delighted to report that Harry is working at Fetcham Constructions based in Fetcham and Leatherhead, as a full time Apprentice with day release back to you in Brooklands College with Derek and Christian on a Thursday. He is 3 weeks in now and loving it!  He seems to have found a new inner confidence (long may this continue!?) and I believe that this has all been brought about by Derek’s help.  

I would formally like to thank Derek Cully.

 Yours faithfully 

 Jody E. 

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