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New Year, New Vision

We’ve had a fantastic start to the new academic year, especially after the ongoing challenges of the COVID pandemic. There is now a happy buzz on campus once more with learners able to develop their skills in practical training as well as safely socialise with each other.

The term commenced on September 6th with a focussed Skills Development, Assessment and Support Week for all learners. The aim of the week was to provide learners with a full induction to the college’s systems, processes, support services, and expectations. The schedule included site tours, group development sessions, an induction fair and general activities to establish a good stable foundation for learning. 

During the induction, we were able to speak to some learners about why they chose to study a vocational course and the comparison to A levels. Aviation, Travel & Tourism learner Darius mentioned that you “learn a lot more doing practical work and going on trips. I also find it easier when I work with people and as a group.” 

Level 3 Media learners Bradley, Chloe and Daisy also enjoy the practical nature of their college education. “Everybody learns in a different way. Coursework shows your personality as well as what you’re working towards whereas, when doing an exam, you don’t have the creativity and you feel pressured as it’s your one chance. With practical work, you learn skills which you’ll actually use in the job.”

In addition to their studies, these Media learners have joined the Student Union in order to make a positive impact at Brooklands College. “We want to help make other people happy and give the students a voice.” Alongside the Student Union, the college is launching a new buddy system which will offer support to learners who need it in their classes. There will be a “buddy” in each department to ensure that there is someone to help in all areas. These learners will help others with any advice, tips or support during their lesson and college journey.

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