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Book Review: The Whisper Man

The Whisper Man by Alex North 
Rating: 4.5/5

From the start of the book, you’re never quite sure if you’re reading a mystery, a psychological thriller or something verging on horror. (Only verging thankfully otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten past the first chapter). It’s the story of Jake, his dad Tom, the eponymous Whisper Man – a long ago jailed serial killer – and his modern day copycat. 

The story starts with the kidnapping of a boy just as Jake and Tom are relocating to a new town, moving to a house known locally as ‘the Scary House’. Tom is trying to navigate a fragile relationship with his son and doesn’t quite know how to handle Jake’s imaginary friends nor his knowledge of the previous events of a town that’s new to them both.

The Whisper Man and his copycat are very real however and we follow the police investigation as it criss-crosses with Tom and Jake’s lives. 

It’s quite a page turner. I love the very human doubts that Tom has as a father and how he only wants what is best for his little boy. There’s just enough creepiness within ‘the Scary House’ to make you wonder what exactly is going on in there. And as a fan of the mystery genre, that part of the book is more than satisfying

– Alison         

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