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World Book Night and more…

A huge (virtual) welcome back from the Easter break for the start of the summer term.

Thursday 23rd April is a big day for celebration. Not only is it St George’s Day and the birthday of William Shakespeare, it’s also World Book Night.

In our last blog entry, we mentioned that we had successfully applied for copies of the book ‘Things a bright girl can do’ by Sally Nicholls as part of the Reading Agency’s World Book Night celebrations. 

Well, World Book Night is upon us. On Thursday 23rd April, we should have been handing out free copies of the book to interested students. However, due to coronavirus and the lockdown, handing out of books has been postponed to a future date. World Book Night is still going ahead this week, albeit celebrated in a different way. Find out more here. You can have a look at all the book titles selected by the Reading Agency, some of which we have added to the library shelves, ready for loan when we return.  We will be reviewing some of these books in the weeks ahead.

One event planned on Thursday 23rd April is Reading Hour. These are the details from the Reading Agency if you’d like to join in:

“From 7-8pm we want you to join with us in spending an hour reading. You can read on your own, aloud with others or take the time to call someone to chat about books. It’s all about reading, but it’s also all about sharing. We want to know what you’re reading, where you are…how are you spending that hour? Join us at 7pm over at @WorldBookNight and @readingagency on Twitter and Facebook using #ReadingHour. 

Don’t forget to go to your front door or window at 8pm to join the whole country in clapping for our carers. If you’re a key worker, thank you from all of us for everything that you’re doing.” 

The Reading Agency is also offering everyone a free audiobook. Simply click here to register.

Review: This is going to hurt by Adam Kay
Rating 4/5

Adam Kay’s book has been inspired by the diaries he wrote during his time working as a junior doctor for the NHS and tells tales of the good, the bad and the really bad!

Adam Kay writes in a simple and direct way which is very easy to read. Each diary entry has a point to make or reveals something about the life of a doctor; the situations he found himself in and the sacrifices he had to make in order to carry out his job. The entries are funny, moving and at times shocking. I found it easy to dip in and out of. I felt like I was being allowed an honest glimpse into his life and his daily experiences; the life and death decisions he had to make often at his own social and financial cost. I felt this book was particularly relevant in light of the #clapforourcarers event as we develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the work that people do in the NHS.

There were plenty of things not to like about Adam’s actual job: the hours, the pay, the times that he gets covered in blood. But when it comes to criticisms of the book, I find it hard to think of any. He deals with most of the events that happen to him in a humorous way. It makes me wonder how I would deal with such circumstances given the opportunity.

His diary entries are as short and as funny (or funnier) than a lot of Instagram or Twitter feeds and would appeal mostly to younger readers I would think.  I would however recommend this book to everyone. 

This is a Quick Read publication, issued by the Reading Agency, as part of its World Book Night promotions. There is a full publication of this book available too.

– Sarah K.

We love…
Visiting museums and taking in some culture and are delighted that Museums worldwide have opened their doors to virtual tours during the lockdown. Here’s a link to some museum collections, including some London based ones. Maybe whet your appetite for seeing the real thing once lockdown is over and they are once again open for business.


Spring into Reading
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