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Alexandria Stevenson: a sweet twist

Cake Decoration – levels 1, 2 and 3 (2012-2014)
Professional Bakery – level 2

The Foxy Cake Company
The Hummingbird Bakery
Alex’s Cake Creations

Nothing is sweeter than hearing about the success stories of our former students. This story has a sweet twist as 24-year-old Alexandria Stevenson made her wish come true by studying an “eye opening” Cake Decoration course at Brooklands College in 2012.

Enrolling herself on a level 1 part-time Cake Decoration course, Alexandria soon enough completed both levels 1 and 2 within her first year before progressing onto level 3 and a professional bakery course.

Completing her part-time studies at Brooklands College in the summer of 2014, full-time employment beckoned when Alexandria wished to turn her passion for baking and cake decorating into a career. This was a move that allowed her to flourish, developing her skills and knowledge and one which saw Alexandria take on a leadership role in a well-established bakery, the Hummingbird Bakery.

Casting her mind back to her experience of studying at Brooklands College, she said: “It was a much enjoyable two years and was a big eye opener to being introduced to cake decoration. My lecturer provided an excellent level of support, encouragement and instilled the confidence in me which saw me compete in a competition that saw me take home two certificates!”

“I knew I wanted to further my knowledge and focus on cake decorating once I finished my qualifications. The support of my lecturer and peers on social media still continues to this day.”

She added: “The College itself is a perfect environment and attracts students of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a fantastic school for an introduction to baking or for a cake decorating enthusiast who wishes to build up their knowledge to turn it into a career or hobby.”

Zoom forward to the present day and the 24-year-old recently stepped out of the world of full-time cake decorating – a world where attention to detail is everything – to work in an office. She combines working in an office alongside building up her own business, Alex’s Cake Creations, and one she wishes to turn full-time at some point in the not so distant future.

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