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Emma & Nicole: Living The Dream

Former students Emma and Nicole both studied Level 3 Travel & Tourism at Brooklands College. They are now proud to work at Heathrow Airport for Virgin Atlantic. Nicole is a Customer Service Agent for Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow Airport whilst Emma works in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow Airport. 

My #BCexperience
By taking the course, Emma found that there are many different jobs  within Travel & Tourism. “It does open your eyes, you don’t know what you’re getting into when you sign up for a college course but it definitely does teach you lots. It prepares you for the working world.” Emma had left the college a little unsure of her prospects, “it goes to show that you CAN!”

The course helped Nicole become more confident with every day work. “You learn about different companies which helps when you go for the job role. It also prepares you for interviews… Just take every opportunity you can. College is some of the best years I’ve ever had. I had so much fun and made friends.”

The two met through a trip to Barcelona with the college where they worked as holiday reps, they have been best friends ever since. Both of the girls had always enjoyed traveling and wished to work in a role which incorporated this passion. “You get to see the world as well as learn about it everyday,” Nicole mentions. 

Working In Travel & Tourism 
“When I first start my shift, we have staff briefings where they run through the VIPs coming in and what is going on for the day. We get assigned our stations with our passengers to deal with, their orders etc.” Emma works with a variety of worldly guests in the VIP lounge. “The thing I enjoy the most is meeting so many different people from all over the world and speaking to them about how they’ve ended up flying with Virgin Atlantic. I met Richard Branson recently! It’s quite interesting, there’s a lot of high up people that you get to speak to.”

“The people I work with don’t feel like colleagues, they feel like a family. Every day is a different day.” Nicole works across the airport with duties including assisting with check in, working at the kiosk, doing announcements for baggage haul or meeting flights. “I’ve gone to some dream destinations. Speaking to colleagues or passengers, you learn about the destination before you’ve even gone – So, you do things you never thought you’d do.”

Q: Would you recommend Brooklands College?
“Yes! Definitely, 100%,” Emma & Nicole remark in unison!

“I really enjoyed it. Some people think about taking A-levels, I much preferred this environment where it wasn’t so intense and it didn’t feel like school. You’re treated more like an adult which I appreciate,” Emma comments.

“I think it was such a good college. It was quite sociable and relaxed. They prepared us as well, we had work experience so we could see what work is like,” says Nicole.

NOTE: This is the perfect time to study Travel & Tourism, Heathrow Airport reports that they will be up to 80% capacity in August 2021 and back to normal in 2022. 

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