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British Airways Apprenticeship

Marco Cumbo has just finished his Level 3 course in Aviation, Travel & Tourism. He has spent 2 years at Brooklands College and really enjoyed his time here. We caught up with Marco to find out more about the British Airways Apprenticeship he will be starting this September.

Why did you choose this course?

“I have always loved to travel and really liked the idea of working in the travel industry. I thought completing this course would be really good on my cv.”

What did you like about this course?

“I have really enjoyed the course. The course is different every day and we learn new and interesting things about the travel industry. The course is difficult at times, but we get so much support from the tutors. The trips are great too.”

The tutors are brilliant and they support us so much. I am sad to leave, but excited to start at British Airways.

Tell me about your next steps?

I will be joining British Airways on their Customer Service Apprenticeship starting in September. I will work in all areas of customer service, including check-in and lounges. I am really looking forward to it.

How did you get the apprenticeship?

I applied for the British Airways apprenticeship over 6 months ago. I had to complete different assignments outside of college and then I had to wait. Over 1000 people apply for an apprenticeship and only around 17 people get selected. It is not easy to get an apprenticeship there. I was absolutely delighted when I was offered a place.

Why British Airways?

“British Airways is where I have always wanted to be. They have really high standards and I think it is an exciting place to work.”

Marco has worked hard to get this apprenticeship opportunity. We wish him all the best in the future.

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