I have not received test dates from the College

All students who pre-registered for testing have been offered 3 timeslots via the email address used on their pre-registration form – so please check your College email but also your personal email and in some cases your parent’s email accounts (including junk / spam folders) for this communication – contact Curriculum Administrators if you still can’t find it – you will not have received timeslots if you did not complete the pre-registration form

I have been notified of a timeslot very late and cannot make it – eg I have a job or another commitment

Schools and Colleges have been given less than 2 weeks to pre-register / gain consent for testing, use this data to plan and gather the resources to administrate and deliver mass rapid testing, establish and email out timeslots – in an ideal world we would have liked to have given students at least a fortnight’s notice of a test slot and to have given students more control over when their timeslot would be, but the time constraints described plus the government’s target to have the testing completed within the first week and a half, minimise our ability to give very much notice at all or to be flexible as to when timeslots are allocated or if they can be changed – please do all you can to try and attend them, taking time away from jobs if needed.

So can I reschedule?

We cannot guarantee that we can reschedule – we have very limited resources – staff and building space – and would ask that you have a critical reason for rescheduling before asking us.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to respond to requests to reschedule or that we will be able to find you an alternative – but in the first instance if you have a critical reason (and we would not be able to accept a work commitment as critical) please contact your curriculum administrator

I am being asked to travel to College just for testing – this seems a waste of money and add COVID travelling risk

The system in place reflects government expectations on the education sector and reflect a balance of the risks of travel with the benefits of testing for asymptomatic carriers. Travelling to College would originally have taken place during the first week of testing – which would have had to have been paid for – the College simply took the decision to extent remote learning for a week to reduce movement of students across campus to and from the testing centre

Why can’t I just do one test?

The government currently wants to see all pupils and students completing three supervised tests before it allows schools and colleges to give out home testing kits

I have had a test but have not received my results yet

Students who have tested positive will be contacted directly by the College within an hour of their test.  If you do not hear from the college your result will be negative – it may take up to 48 hours to receive an official notification of your result

Do I need to be tested if I have been vaccinated?

Testing is voluntary and recommended by government regardless of vaccination – there are a few instances where it has been recognised that some vaccinated people have incorrectly tested positive but the government has stated for this current phase of on-campus testing, verifying PCR tests will not be used (it will be to validate home tests)