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Completed an Apprenticeship with Brooklands College?

Have you completed an Apprenticeship with Brooklands College within the last few years? If the answer is yes, we want to hear from you.

We are looking to reconnect and showcase the progression of learners who have completed an Apprenticeship with us. You may have secured full-time employment and landed your dream job or looking to take that next step in your chosen industry.

From the skills you learnt to providing the vital experience for your CV and the qualification upon completion, we want to hear about why you chose an Apprenticeship over a vocational course, your progress and where you see yourself in five years time.

We are looking to feature as many former apprentices on the College’s website, with your story then being shared on Brooklands College’s social media pages.

Equally, if you are still doing an Apprenticeship get in touch – we want to share your story too.

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