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5 Reasons To Work In Catering And Hospitality

The catering and hospitality industry is constantly growing and changing. Working in this sector can be highly rewarding and can help you develop incredible skills.

These are our top reasons why you should consider it!


Catering ad hospitality

1. It’s A Growing Industry

Always on the look-out for new talent

This is a vibrant and rapidly growing industry. In recent years, the UK catering and hospitality industry has experienced significant growth. This can be attributed to several factors, including an increase in tourism, the rise of food delivery services, and the growing interest in dining out. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals looking to start a career in this field.

Catering ad hospitality

2. It’s Diverse

There is something to suit everyone

The industry is vast and includes businesses such as bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs. There are plenty of job roles to choose from. You could work as front of house staff, in a management role or behind the scenes as a chef or technician. You could work in events and hospitality, holiday centres, theatres and attractions. With such variety, career opportunities within the catering and hospitality sector are endless.

Catering ad hospitality

3. Career Progression Opportunities

Always a chance to learn and progress

Everyone is constantly learning and progressing in this industry. There is always a chance to gain a new skill or learn a different part of the industry, so you can keep growing throughout your career. The British Hospitality Association describes the catering industry as a ‘true meritocracy’ where people are promoted on merit and hard work is rewarded by rapid career progression.

Catering ad hospitality

4. You Might Get To Travel

You career potential is boundless

Pursuing a catering and hospitality career can open up opportunities to travel the world. You may choose to work in the resorts and hotel industry, on cruise ships or airlines. You could be coordinating banquets for events or managing a restaurant anywhere in the world. There are so many exciting opportunities.

Catering ad hospitality

5. You Could Have Your Own Business

An industry where you can progress, grow and achieve

Once you have gained experience working in the industry, you may feel you’ve got the necessary skills to launch your very own business. From pop-up stands to opening a local café or restaurant, running a business can be very rewarding. With careful planning, determination, investment and strategic decision-making, there is absolutely no reason why your vision can’t succeed.

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