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Catering & Hospitality

The Catering and Hospitality industry is growing fast and provides plenty of scope for career development and opportunities for working at home and abroad. You can gain valuable hands-on experience in our well-equipped professional kitchens, on-site restaurant and the bakery shop; all of which are open to students, staff and members of the public. Students will also have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience placements – previous locations have included major sporting events and Michelin starred restaurants. We have a dedicated team with extensive industry experience who will prepare you for what will be the first steps into an exciting, fast moving and demanding career.

Why Study Catering & Hospitality Guide | For further information, please email:

  • E3 Certificate in Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

    This course is an introduction to Catering and Hospitality for Year 11 students.

    School Leavers 14-16 School Programme 35 Weeks Find out more
  • C&G Level 1 Diploma in Introduction to Professional Cookery

    This is an introduction to the basic skills required to work as a professional chef in the industry.

    School Leavers Catering & Hospitality 35 Weeks Find out more
  • FDQ Level 2 Certificate in Cake Decoration (inc. flower unit)

    Sugar paste techniques will cover bas relief and swags whilst marzipan techniques will involve modeling, and making roses and fruits.

    Adult Learners Catering & Hospitality 31 Weeks Find out more
  • FDQ Level 3 Certificate in Professional Cake Decoration (inc. flower unit)

    Develop your skills further on this advanced sugar paste techniques course.

    Adult Learners Catering & Hospitality 33 Weeks Find out more
  • Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Skills

    Whether you are looking to make family dinner a little more exciting, or seeking to improve your culinary skills for work or pleasure, this course is for you. The Culinary Skills qualifications teaches you everything from making sauces and stock, to handling meat and poultry and making delicious desserts.

    Adult Learners Catering & Hospitality 35 Weeks Find out more
  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Professional Cookery

    This one year course builds on the knowledge gained at Level 2.

    School Leavers Catering & Hospitality 32 Weeks Find out more
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