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Outdoor Expedition – South Downs National Park

Public Services Final Expedition – South Downs National Park: 17th – 20th June 2024

Our Uniformed Public Services students and tutors have returned safely from their 3 night outdoor expedition in the South Downs National Park.

After weeks of preparation, students were keen to board coach for their final expedition. The journey was quiet, with students enjoying the views en route to the drop off location near Arundel. After being dropped off, students stocked up on supplies at a nearby café and received their team kit and coordinates. Divided into groups, they set off towards their first checkpoint, facing challenges of navigation and camping over the next few days.

Each group journeyed west through the countryside, navigating checkpoints with their honed skills. The first campsite, Gumber Farm, provided a secluded setting next to a camping barn and farm cottages. Tents were pitched, meals were prepared, and a night navigation exercise was conducted. After some time, all groups safely returned to camp, exhausted and ready for rest.

The second morning was slightly overcast with a mild breeze. Students woke up early and set off for a long and hot day of walking in the British countryside. They navigated through checkpoints, with some groups facing challenges like blisters and extra miles. After a tiring uphill climb, they were rewarded with stunning views of the landscape. The day ended at a basic campsite, where some students had to leave due to hay fever. Despite the basic facilities, those who stayed slept well and prepared for their last day in the morning.

On the final day of the expedition, students left Manor Farm early in the morning and walked towards Stedham campsite, passing through Iping village for a quick rest. Despite some navigational challenges, they enjoyed the sunny weather and beautiful views along the way. Upon reaching the campsite, they quickly set up their tents and enjoyed the facilities before celebrating a birthday with cake and a meal of fish and chips.

Thursday morning was busy as students packed up their belongings, cleaned up, and prepared to leave for Brooklands College. The journey back was quiet, with everyone feeling tired after the previous days’ activities. Once back, there was no time to rest as they had to unload and store their equipment for the next trip in October!

Well done to everyone who took part in this challenging expedition. Huge thanks to our tutors who have done an exceptional job in preparing the students. 

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