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How To: Manicure At Home

Monday, 25th January 2021

It is easy to forget about ourselves in the whirlwind of taking care of everything else around us, whether it’s keeping up with your kid’s remote learning, trying to work from home or completing your job as a key worker. So why not take time out for yourself and follow this how-to tutorial to achieve a professional manicure at home.

Step 1: Sanitizing the hand
To sanitize the hands, take sanitizing spray and spray it onto a cotton pad. Then apply all over the hands to remove any dirt or bacteria. If you do not have sanitizing spray you can use hand sanitizer or just wash hands thoroughly. 

Step 2: Removing old nail polish
After sanitizing the hands if there is any nail polish on the nail it needs to be removed. To do this take nail polish remover and put some on a cotton pad. Then place the cotton pad on the nail and hold for a few seconds then wipe away as this is the most effective way to remove nail polish.

Step 3: Cutting and filing the nail
To cut the nail use nail clippers and in a straight line cut little sections of the nail until the nail is cut to the desired length. To file the nail use the nail file and in one way strokes file the nail. Do not file the nail with rough side to side strokes because this can damage the nail and make it brittle. File the nail to the desired shape. When this is done the nails are ready for soaking. 

Step 4: Soaking the nail
Before soaking the nail apply cuticle cream or remover to the cuticle and massage the product in. This softens the cuticle and makes it easier when removing the cuticle. If you do not have cuticle cream don’t worry you can just use a little bit of hand lotion and massage that into the cuticle. To soak the nail take a bowl / hand soaking bowl and place hand soak (if you don’t have hand soak you can just use soap) and warm water into the bowl and place the hand into the bowl then soak for 2 minutes each hand. After dry the hands with a towel.

Step 5: Removing the cuticle
Start by pushing back the nail. You can use a cuticle pusher or an orange stick to do this. Once the cuticle is pushed back use the cuticle cutters to remove the cuticle. When using cuticle clippers you want to go in at an angle and do little sections of the cuticle at a time to prevent any cuts.

Step 6: Buffing the nail
To buff the nail use a nail buffer or buffing block and in one way strokes buff the nail. Make sure to buff the free edge of the nail to ensure any nail filing are off.

Step 7: Hand and arm massage 
Take hand lotion or massage cream and warm it up in your hands. Starting with the wrist work up the arm to apply the cream. Then using the thumbs in small circular movements work up the arm and drag the thumbs down to the wrist. Do this 10 times. Moving to the hand again using the thumbs in a small circular motion move around the hands always making sure to support the hand whilst doing the massage.

Step 8: Removing excess cream
To remove any excess cream from the nail put nail varnish remover on a cotton pad then wipe away. This will leave the nail clean and oil free ready for painting.

Step 9: Painting the nail 
Starting with a base coat apply it to the nail with a three-stroke method. A three-stroke method is when you use three strokes starting with the middle and finishing on the sides. Once the base coat is applied apply the color nail polish using the three-stroke method. Apply 2 coats of color nail polish. The color i am using is ‘princesses rule from OPI’. Then to finish the nail apply a top coat using the three stroke rule. To seal the nail, apply top coat to the edge of the nail this helps to stop any nail chipping. If any mistakes are made use a cotton bud to clean up. Finally leave the nail to fully dry for at least an hour. 

How to look after your manicure:

• To prevent the nail from chipping, leave it to dry for at least an hour. 

• Keep the hands moisturized by using hand lotion.

• The polish should last for 2 weeks before another manicure is needed.

– Tutorial created by Eva W, Level 2 Beauty Therapy student

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