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The Beauty Edit

This series shares beauty tips, tutorials and discussions from our Beauty & Special Make-Up staff and students. 
If you enjoy making people look and feel good then this is the career for you. Beauty therapists start their career working in a Beauty salon or spa. They can also go on to specialise in a specific area such as massage, skin care or make-up for TV and film. Brooklands College has specialist facilities for Beauty students at both campuses. The courses include a work-based element which will prepare you for employment in the industry. You will also have the opportunity to take part in competitions where all students are expected to wear uniforms and present themselves in a professional manner.
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This term our Level 2 Beauty Therapy learners have been working on exploring the industry and the inspirational people and brands within it. They have researched and explained why these fantastic people and brands inspire them!
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Pull back your hair back from your face using a head hand ,hair band or bobby pins to make sure all your hair is out of your face and that u have your cleaner, exfoliator, toner, moisturiser, face mask, clean towel, cotton pads, facial sponge, tissue, massage oil, warm water in a bowl out in front of u and a bin or bag to put rubbish in...
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With days getting longer and the nights not as dark, can we nearly see the finish line!? The hair and beauty industry has been closed for far too long and like us all, our clients have had enough! We’ve offered lots of self help and care tips over the last few weeks and here’s a few more to keep you feeling prepped and ready for spring.
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When you want to feel stress free, there are many options to relieve it. I know that massage would be my first choice! When you are too busy with everyday activity and work and have no time to go to the spa and have a wonderful massage, why not try a self-massage at home! It's very easy and you won't need much at all, just your favourite lotion or oil and you are ready to go.
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The Brooks Beauty team includes Kelly Tribe - Beauty T herapy Lecturer and IQA, Paulina Lipiec - Beauty Therapy Lecturer, Olivia Long - Beauty Therapy Lecturer and Laura Phipps - Hair and Media Make-up Lecturer
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This term students have been studying Fashion and Photographic Hair & Makeup. This has included researching the history of makeup and how to create historically accurate pieces.
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As we are still in lock down and there does not seem to be an insight as to when beauty salons will be able to open, the level 2 beauty classes had been set with a task to make their own sugar wax to help with DIY home waxing!
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During this tough time for everyone it is important to keep our bodies healthy and keep up with our mental health.  People use essential oils to help with stress or anxiety and also if they have trouble getting to sleep using essential oils can help this. They have also been shown to relieve headaches and alleviate pain and in addition they can help improve skin conditions and help treat a common cold and encourage healthy digestion.
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It is easy to forget about ourselves in the whirlwind of taking care of everything else around us, whether it’s keeping up with your kid’s remote learning, trying to work from home or completing your job as a key worker. So why not take time out for yourself and follow this how-to tutorial to achieve a professional manicure at home.
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We are very pleased to write our first post within this blog and invite you to follow us on our journey as we deliver insightful topics relating to our Beauty and Media Make-up courses. Our learners have been working extra hard to develop ideas and exciting topics that you can read and learn about at home.
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