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How To: Self-Massage At Home

Monday, 8th March 2021

Self-massage at home to help you relax and to relieve stress…
When you want to feel stress free, there are many options to relieve it. I know that massage would be my first choice! When you are too busy with everyday activity and work and have no time to go to the spa and have a wonderful massage, why not try a self-massage at home! It’s very easy and you won’t need much at all, just your favourite lotion or oil and you are ready to go.

First you would really be benefiting the start of the process and have a relaxing bath with bath salts and bubbles.

Having a bath will relax the mind and muscles and it’s a brilliant start to get de-stressed and really have a zen time. Playing some relaxing meditation music and closing your eyes will advance the experience even more. The best time to do a self-massage at home would be after a long day and in the evening before you go to bed and just have a little you time. When you have a headache from stress it’s the best way to try and aid the pain and get rid of it. Using different chakras in your massage will reduce muscle pain and help you reduce blocked energy from the mind and soul. Chakras have many benefits for your mental health, it can really help you have a clear mind. It can resolve any emotional problems and help get rid of anxiety. The body and mind becomes balanced and clear. 

Chakras can be used in everyday life to make you feel more positive or even relax you at the end of a hard-working day. The chakra stones are the energy centres of the body. Chakras start at the base of the head all the way down to the base of the spine. There are 7 chakra stones that help balance the mind and body. The first chakra stone is located on top of the head, it’s called the crown chakra. It’s considered to help your spiritual connection to yourself, universe and others. The second chakra is located between the eyes and it’s called the third eye chakra. It’s considered to be the strong gut instincts and to give you good imagination. The third chakra is located on your throat and it’s called the throat chakra. It’s considered to be with verbal communication. 

The forth, chakra is located near the heart and it’s called the heart chakra.  It’s considered to allow us to show love and compassion. 

The fifth charka stone is located on the stomach and it’s called the solar plexus chakra. It’s considered to help you with confidence, self-esteem and to feel in control of your life. The sixth chakra stone is located below the belly and it’s called the sacral chakra. It’s considered as the creative and sexual energy. Also, it’s linked to emotions you have and to others. The seventh chakra is located on the base of the spine and it’s called the root chakra. It’s considered to help you feel grounded and cope with challenges. It has a responsibility to make you feel secured and stable. 

Today we are going to focus on the head and neck massage and you can use the chakras with this massage. It will help you relieve pain, headaches, muscle strain and stress. 

How do I do a self-massage on my neck?
What you are going to do is apply your oil or lotion to your hands so the lotion or oil can warm up. Then you are going to lower your shoulders and relax them. Then using effleurage apply it on your neck and start to rub in the problem areas. Press as hard as you can take with your fingers. You can use little or as hard pressure as you want. Then move your fingers in circular motions and repeat in all different directions, take as long as you want for this massage, 5 to 10 minutes may help. 

How do I do a self-massage on my head to relive pain from a stress headache?
Apply the lotion or the oil into your hands once again to make it warm. Apply it to your hair and head, then gently apply pressure and stroke the back of the head and your scalp. Move your fingertips in circular movements and stokes. Move your fingers outwards and inwards and apply in the direction you feel you like the most. Take care and focus on the areas that you find to be tense and also focus around that area as well. Listening to meditation music and closing your eyes while you are doing the massage will relax you further. 

After the massage you should feel relaxed and calm and ready for bed and have a good sleep. Anyone can do this at home and it is worth doing it when you feel stressed to help prevent any problematic headaches and pain. After the massage make sure you remember to drink plenty of water to remove any waste and toxins out the body. Enjoy your personalised pampering experience. Give it a go and try it out!   

– Brooks Beauty x

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