Monday, 4th May: A motivational start for the week with our exercise programmes to help viewers get into shape. Claire Desroches shares a demonstration on the foundations of movement in fitness and strength conditions. She then delivers a full body circuit workout routine. Claire Desroches is a Sports Nutritionist, trainer and sports massage therapist.

Our BTEC Sport students follow on with focussed training. Jacob Keers and Callum Gracey demonstrate how to correctly do press ups, planks & lunges.


Tuesday, 5th May: Students were encouraged to develop their skills with our variety programme. Nicole Kemp gives an insight into understanding and making use of lighting for photography. She continues on from this, providing tips on how to take a good selfie. Nicole is a Business lecturer at the College and also owns the Studio At No. 9 photography company: 

Next, Christian Hatherall-Good demonstrates how to attach a string line to a corner block. Christian Hatherall-Good is a Brickwork lecturer at the College.

This is followed by Level 3 Catering student George Warner sharing a tutorial on making a basic Swiss Roll dessert.

Hair, Beauty & Arts

Wednesday, 6th May: With a burst of creativity, this programme aimed to open up the mind and boost self-confidence. To start off, Beau gets everyone up on their feet with a lively dance tutorial. Beau is a training performing arts specialist.

Next up, our Level 3 Special Effects Make-Up student delivers a tutorial on how to create a realistic bruise make-up effect. This is followed by Hairdressing student Tiarna Smith explaining how to curl hair using straighteners. Finally, our Level 3 Special Effects Make-up student presents a tutorial on achieving a colourful festival make-up look.


Thursday, 7th May: The students finished the week with a light-hearted programme to relax and have fun. Assistant Principal Simon Lovegrove hosted a pop quiz with staff and students participating against each other.

This is followed by professional demonstrations on how to perfect the current trending challenges on social media. Sport & Public Services Lecturer James Plowright gives a lesson on how to successfully perform the T-Shirt Handstand Challenge. Brooks Restaurant Manager Jamie Chantry teaches everyone how to master the Omelette Challenge.