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Equal Opportunities

Education and training is a right for all and Brooklands College regards all of its existing and potential students, staff and customers as being of equal value. The College staff and governors aim to provide a secure and safe atmosphere and to remove barriers to achievement, to ensure equal access and equal opportunities for all, irrespective of disability, gender, ethnicity, religion, language, social class, learning ability/disability or difficulty, sexual orientation or age. In this respect, no one should receive less favourable treatment in relation to the curriculum, services, employment or any other aspect of College life.

Brooklands College aims to present a positive image which is welcoming to all and to keep both the College and the community informed of its policy and ethos.

In order to monitor that this policy is working and that we are not discriminating against any group, we ask you for details of your gender, ethnic origin and age, and whether you have a disability as part of your application. This is processed separately and securely and not included with the application information which is used for shortlisting and interview. If you have a disability, please do not hesitate to tell us if there are any facilities or equipment you need to help you at the interview or enable you carry out the job, if appointed. This will help us to assess you equally with other applicants.

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