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Hit me with your best shot! We are grateful to receive a bulletproof vest for our Uniformed Public Services department, donated by SafeGuard Clothing. Our students had fun testing out the body piece and also learning about safety in the workforce.

Brooklands College has received a donation from international body armour company SafeGuard Clothing to use for its Uniformed Public Services course. The premium bulletproof vest will be used by lecturers to better illustrate how safety equipment for front line service operatives works and educate students on different standards and threats. SafeGuard Clothing has recently embarked on a mission to assist regional and national colleges with materials and information that benefits students. We are happy that Brooklands College is amongst those that have been selected to receive a donation, which gives students unique insight into the importance of safety equipment.


Chris Laios, speaking on behalf of SafeGuard Clothing said, “We have made it a priority to partner with local colleges such as Brooklands College to help their students understand first-hand how protection against knives and guns works and better prepare them for the line of work they have chosen.”

Brooklands College faculty members have expressed gratitude to SafeGuard Clothing for the donation as it offers students a progressive learning experience to advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen field. Such level of corporate and social responsibility sets a positive example and creates vital learning opportunities.

Phil Waters, tutor on the Policing and Uniformed Public Services team at Brooklands College said “It is so important that what we teach our students reflects the reality of the Emergency and Armed Service world and donations such as this go a long way to help us achieve that.” 

SafeGuard Armour and Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of body armour and is involved in research and development for new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for front line services.

SafeGuard Armour and Clothing

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