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Michelin Star Menu Training

We had the pleasure of hosting alumni Michelin Chef Alex Payne at our Weybridge campus earlier this week. Alex is the Executive Chef at The Tudor Pass in Great Fosters, Egham. Alex was accompanied by one of his chefs, Harry Eagle, who is also a former catering student of Brooklands College. 

Alex and Harry demonstrated to our Level 3 catering students the process of creating a Michelin Star Menu. They discussed the selection of ingredients, the preparation methods, cooking techniques, and the presentation required to achieve the Michelin Star standard.

In front of our students, they prepared and cooked three courses. Each dish was meticulously explained, allowing the students to learn various methods and techniques.

The first dish consisted of oysters, herbs and a wonderful oyster foam. This was a perfect way to awaken the taste buds and set the stage for the culinary journey ahead.

This was followed by a succulent turbot dish served with cauliflower florets, prawns, samphire and a sprinkle of caviar. This combination of flavours and textures was a delight to the palate.

The final dish was tender duck breast, cooked to perfection, paired with the tartness of rhubarb. The two flavours beautifully complemented each other. 

The students had an incredible experience witnessing the Michelin Star chefs in action in the kitchen. It provided them with a fantastic opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the effort that goes into creating a Michelin Star Menu. The attention to detail was evident in every single dish. The culinary techniques of the chefs resulted in visually breathtaking dishes that were bursting with flavour.

Thank you so much Alex and Harry for spending the morning at Brooklands College teaching our future chefs. We look forward to further collaborations with you in the future.


The Tudor Pass

The Tudor Pass is a Michelin starred restaurant in Surrey with only seven tables, open Wednesday – Saturday for both lunch & dinner. 

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