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Media Screening – Final Projects

Earlier this week, our Level 3 Extended Diploma Media students presented their final major projects to the class, tutors, and selected Focus Group. They introduced their projects, which included a range of short films, trailers, promotional videos, and website projects. Feedback forms were filled out after each presentation to assess the students’ work.

These projects reflect the knowledge and skills the students have acquired during their time in the media course at Brooklands College. As they prepare to move on to universities and careers, these productions serve as a testament to their growth and development.

Presentations/Film Screenings:

·  ‘Supa Fantastic Copz & Robbaz’ by Millie Hackney (Film Trailer)

·   ‘Trella Streetwear Shop’ presentation by Isaque Barusco (Website Building)

·   ‘Weybridge Vandals Sports Club’ by Charlie Hodges & Peter Bettell (Promotional Video)

·   ‘Echoes of Obsession’ by Nicholas Cespon-Garcia (Short Film)

·   ‘Mystery of The Dead’ by Jamal Jabangwe (Film Trailer)

·   ‘Archive Records – Album Art Isn’t Dead by Emmie Smith (Website Building)

·   ‘Friend Request’ by Megan Howlett & Kai Breen (Short Film)

·   ‘Recruitment Vandals Rugby FC’ by Thomas Sewell & Colby Bunting (Recruitment Video)

·   ‘Pinefield’ by Harvey Duddy (Film Trailer)

·   ‘Under The Hood’ by Jack Randall (Short Film)

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