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Gen Z Buzz – Radio update

We recently caught up with some of the Gen Z Buzz Brooklands College media students and their tutor Karim. The team are in the process of training and preparing to launch their new ‘magazine style’ format radio show in collaboration with Brooklands Radio. This has been slightly delayed due to the relocation of the radio studios from Weybridge Centre while the development of the Community Hub works take place.

All students are really excited about this project and are enjoying the experience. It has been quite challenging and they are very keen to get more media students involved. This is a great opportunity to work with professionals in the industry and experience live broadcasting.

Two of the students from Gen Z Buzz Radio Show have also managed to secure Press Cards from the Chartered Institute of Journalist, so they can now work as news gatherers and radio content creators. Karim explains: “As members, they can now attend meetings, events, workshops at the CIoJ and be able to connect with media professionals all over the UK and abroad.” 

“Some of the training has been quite challenging”, student Charlie Hodges said, “as rehearsing segments of the show has to feel unscripted and have a certain flow to it.” 

Karim Ngobi, media lecturer at the College, is working with the students on the L3 Extended Diploma in Media, acting as Director and Editor until he hands over to the team at the launch of the show. The features are beginning to take shape and the students have already started interviewing for some local news stories with MP Ben Spencer and Brooklands College CEO Christine Ricketts, learning as they do about interviewing techniques, script writing, editing and all aspects of radio production and presenting.


“When Graham (Laycock, one of the presenters from Brooklands Radio) signals to us to start speaking or when you hear the countdown timer it can be pretty nerve wracking!…but then after we’ve perfected a 15 minute run through, without any mistakes, it’s a really great feeling. It’s a real sense of accomplishment, as we know we’re getting better!”

The Gen Z Buzz team are still looking for a few more members to be able to source, maintain and run this one-hour radio magazine show on a weekly basis. Please contact Karim Ngobi for more information.

Gen Z Buzz Team members: Peter Bettell, Colby Bunting, Charlie Hodges, Emmie Smith and Jennifer Kouroupis.

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