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IT Bootcamp

Do you want to improve your career prospects? Are your IT knowledge & skills holding you back? Then this could be the course for you! 

We’re offering a 1-week intensive IT Bootcamp during 4th – 8th July, 10am at our Weybridge campus. You will learn new skills and expand on existing knowledge to give you more confidence in life.

Computers are in every aspect of our lives and the computer sector is now one of the fastest growing in our economy. Most businesses, whatever their size, rely on computers to run effectively. The range of jobs in IT is vast and there is something to suit everyone. Some are creative whilst others are highly technical. If you are looking to develop a wide variety of practical skills, knowledge and understanding of information and creative technologies then our courses will prepare you well. We will help you build the skills and knowledge which employers in this sector require including web design, graphics, games design, computer systems, spreadsheets, databases and others.

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