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National Museum of Childhood

T-Level students in Education and Early Years recently visited the National Museum of Childhood, part of the V&A Museum. During their visit, students had the chance to investigate three areas: Play, Design, and Explore. This provided students with a chance to explore the significant role that toys and games play in shaping our growth and development.
Students were given the chance to make their own toy designs. It was fascinating to witness the different ideas and concepts that each of them came up with. Through this process, students gained a deeper appreciation for the thought and effort that goes into creating toys that are not only fun but also educational.
The museum provided a glimpse into the history and evolution of toys and games, highlighting how toys have transformed over the years, reflecting the changing trends and values. Students compared toys of their generation with those of previous generations, sparking conversations about the similarities and differences. They shared stories of favourite childhood toys, discussing the way these toys had influenced play and imagination.
The visit provided a unique opportunity to reflect on the toys and games that have shaped the lives of children throughout history and helped students understand the impact that toys and play have on children’s development.
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