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Carpentry and H&B skill sharing

Earlier this week, our Carpentry and Hair & Beauty students were sharing skills and industry knowledge.
Our L3 Carpentry students taught L1 Hair & Beauty students how to use tools and equipment safely and the importance of maths. They explained how to cut angles and how you would need to calculate the required materials to achieve outcome.
The second part of the lesson our L1 Hair & Beauty learners taught L3 Carpenters how to complete a consultation then wash and blow dry hair within a Commercially viable time. They explained the importance of health and safety within the salon, as well being professional.
At the end all the learners evaluated their lesson and all agreed teaching is not as easy as they thought it was and how difficult it can be when learners do not listen. The other good point which arose from this swap lesson was how Construction is not only for men and Hairdressing/Beauty is not only for women. Thankfully the industries have changed and are becoming more inclusive and diverse.
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