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Foundation Degree in Early Years Exhibition

Our Level 5 Foundation Degree in Early Years students hosted a successful Early Years Exhibition last week.

The Early Years Exhibition is an opportunity for our students to showcase their understanding and knowledge in different aspects of Early Years education. It encourages them to investigate, plan and deliver presentations in line with specific learning methodologies and teaching strategies. It is also an opportunity for students to display their collaborative working and public speaking skills.

The group consisting of Nadin Fahmi, Emily Ingram, and Charlie Page decided to focus their exhibition on the Froebelian Approach, an education philosophy developed by Friedrich Froebel that places great importance on the role of play and creativity in the learning process of children. The team conducted extensive research on the theories and principles of the Froebelian Approach, such as the concept of free work, respect for the child’s individuality and the importance of creative play in development. Their exhibit highlighted how the Froebelian approach could be practically implemented in an early years setting.

The second group, Kayleigh McCance, Holly Chard and Marcos Catulo chose to delve into Forest School Learning. Forest schools take a learner-centred approach and places an emphasis on outdoor play. This approach seeks to foster resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem in children through their connection with nature. The group organised their exhibition to show practical applications of Forest School principles. This included activities and displays centred around nature, showing how educators can use outdoor spaces to facilitate diverse learning experiences.

Both exhibitions provided comprehensive insight into different approaches in early childhood education. The dedication exhibited by the students, along with their in-depth research and effective presentation demonstrated their understanding and engagement with their chosen topics, further developing their skills and knowledge in this field.

The exhibitors welcomed students, tutors and visitors from outside of the college to come and ask questions and discover more about education and early years. It proved to be a bustling afternoon, providing our Level 5 students with a platform to demonstrate their comprehension and expertise in various aspects of early years education.

Among our guests, we were delighted to have Dr Caroline Guard from Kingston University. Dr Guard is a Senior Lecturer in Education specialising in Early Childhood Education and Care. She is the Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Top degrees in Teaching and Learning and Education, Leadership in Practice. Kingston University is the awarding body for the Foundation in Early Years Degree. The Foundation Degree in Early Years compromises Level 4 in the first year and Level 5 in the second, leading to a top up Level 6 year at Kingston University which results in a BA(Hons) degree.

We were thrilled to have the presence of Dr Tina Bruce at the exhibition. Dr Bruce is a renowned global expert in the field of early childhood and play, as well as a best-selling author. She writes the primary textbooks used in the majority of early years courses we offer for L1-L3, and she spearheads the development of theories related to early years education. Dr Bruce shared with us her invaluable knowledge on the importance of play in children’s development, which she gathered from years of research and professional practice. She emphasised that play is not only essential for physical development but is also crucial for mental, emotional and social growth.

We extend our sincere thanks to Dr Bruce for her invaluable contribution. It was an honour to have her as a guest at our College, and we look forward to future collaborations.


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