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Studying GSCSEs can either be a necessity for future ambitions or a simple choice to gain general skills for life. Here at Brooklands College we offer GCSE courses for school leavers and adult learners including English, Maths and Biology. 

This year we are ecstatic with our learners’ progress with an overall achievement of almost 100% for GCSE English. Full-time Art & Design student Erin took GCSE English alongside her course and has achieved a fantastic Grade 9 result. Another success story, Tony, is on the opposite end of the spectrum being a part-time adult student intending to improve his mental health. 

Having previously studied GCSE Maths at the College, Tony decided to study GCSE English with us after the recent lockdown. “I chose the course as it was therapeutic, I was looking for something which would give me a challenge,” Tony explained. “I was hoping for a Grade 8 as I wanted to get the best I could out of it – The better I did, the more positive I’d feel about the experience for my mental health.” He is pleased to achieve a Grade 8 in GCSE English and enjoyed his course thoroughly, especially the interaction he was able to have with his fellow students as well as the tutors. Through the course, he has gained a lasting friendship with another learner and is grateful for this. “My tutor was over and above, she really tried to help bridge the gaps during Covid. It surprised me how much I’d remembered and it gave me reassurance of my own capabilities. The course has opened my eyes a lot to communication and understanding people, there’s a whole lot more on the syllabus to continue learning further.”

Congratulations to all of our students and we shall look forward to providing positive experiences to many more learners to come! 

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