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Green Skills

Green careers are becoming increasingly popular as people and businesses become more aware of the urgent need to protect the environment. This has led to the growth of green jobs, which focus on preserving the planet and its resources. These jobs can include working in renewable energy, sustainability, conservation, green technologies, and more.

Eight local further education colleges in the Hampshire and Surrey area, have received £2.6m funding from the Department of Education to invest in new green technologies and related skills. This investment will support local people to upskill and reskill in the latest green skills and provide businesses with an opportunity to innovate and grow by accessing state-of-the-art green technologies.


If you’re interested in discovering a new green career or looking to keep up to date in the latest developments in green skills, sign-up to one of our free-to-access green skill short courses – including one on Carbon literacy – as we all take a role in the collective journey to Net Zero 2050.

Head over to to sign-up and start learning for free today!


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