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Free Tuition in January

At Brooklands College, we are always striving to ensure the best educational experience for your young person. Therefore, we are excited to tell you about an opportunity to further develop their experience.The Government has made available funds to provide small group tuition in English and/or maths for 16-19-year olds, on a study programme for all students where their learning has been disrupted and they have a GCSE English and / or Maths – Grade 4 (or below).

These small group sessions are being delivered by specialist tutors to groups of 3 – 5 learners with the aim of improving their grades in English and maths this academic year.

We would like to ask for your support in encouraging your young person to make full use of our weekly additional sessions.

Examples of some of the support that we will be offering includes:

  • GCSE resit preparation
  • Functional skills assessment preparation
  • Additional Functional Skills classes to ensure learners are on target
  • Support for SEND and High Needs Students
  • SEND support to catch up on vocational and academic skills and learning that are import for preparation for adulthood
  • Vocational support where assessments were deferred
  • Vocational catch-up sessions embedding Maths and English for knowledge and practical skills development
  • 1 to 1 study skills sessions to support academic progress.

Private tutors specialising in Maths or English in the Weybridge area usually charge an average of £35-40 per hour per student. This is an excellent opportunity for you to make use of free additional English and maths tuition tailored to the needs of each specific student.

If you believe your young person would benefit from this additional support please email: with their College ID, timetabled availability and English and/or maths preference and we’ll try to find an appropriate session.

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