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English and Maths

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English and Maths at Brooklands College

Brooklands has a reputation for innovation and achievement and, as a college, we aim to continue that tradition with you. English and maths are core skills, fundamental to your ongoing successful interactions with the world around you and an essential part of that journey.

Steering you on the right path

The Government have made it a compulsory requirement that, unless you have already achieved them, you must continue to develop your English and maths skills and work towards achieving a grade 9-4 at GCSE. Steering you on the right path, we develop these literacy and numeracy skills and demonstrate how they are needed on a day-to-day basis in life and your chosen career.

Getting a good start

When you start with us, we will assess the level at which you are working. You will be asked to complete a detailed diagnostic assessment – this will help us identify your strengths and areas for further development.

Depending on the assessment, you will either go into a GCSE programme specifically designed for you or build up your skills first by studying qualifications in Functional Skills.

Keeping you on track

Familiarity with specific vocabulary and terminology used in your chosen vocational area will be embedded within your programme. Additional skills you develop will also assist you with daily challenges, such as choosing a mobile phone contract, working out which bank account best suits you, presenting yourself for jobs, understanding your democratic rights, passing your theory test and developing your awareness of social issues.

Your lecturers will support you in developing your spelling, punctuation and grammar, and will identify and explain any mistakes for you to correct.

Knowing where the finish line is.

After your time with us, you may progress into a job, Apprenticeship, Higher Education or further learning where you will be able to utilise the essential skills in maths and English you have developed here.

From an employer’s perspective, basic literacy and numeracy rank among the top three most important factors in recruiting school and college leavers alongside your qualifications. Without them you may struggle to even get an interview for a good job.

Small Groups

If you would like some additional teacher led support, please email: and we will be in contact to arrange a support session.

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