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All of our full-time students will have the opportunity to undertake a work experience placement which is related to their area of study. At Brooklands College, we have also been selected by the Department for Education to run extended industry work placements which will form part of the new T Levels from 2020. In addition to our standard work experience, students on vocational and technical study programmes at levels 2 and 3 could be able to access a longer placement which is:

  • on average 50 working days in length;
  • occupationally specific;
  • focused on developing practical and technical skills;
  • takes place with an external employer, so that the student experiences a real life job role;
  • delivered to a structured work plan;
  • adequately supervised; and
  • monitored through actual site visits.

My British Airways Work Experience
by Natassia Ive

During my work experience I visited British Airways Headquarters, The Training Centre and Terminal 5. I had a tour of the Heritage Museum where I got to see British Airways history of 100 years, and how the aviation and the uniform has changed since. In the training centre, I got to see all of the simulators where the pilots and cabin crew train. I also got to speak to a lot of people in British Airways about what they do within the company and how they meet customer needs.

Read Natassia Ive’s Story


For many students, the extended work placement will lead to an offer of an Apprenticeship or permanent employment with the same employer once they complete their courses. The placements provide a fantastic opportunity for students to access work places in their chosen industries while they are still honing their craft and to make an impression on potential employers. It also provides a great addition to a CV and could give them the edge over other candidates in an increasingly competitive job market.

Some of the benefits of a placement include an opportunity for the student to:

  • Build and develop their technical skills, increasing their competence and ability to progress into skilled employment.
  • Develop their employability ‘soft skills’, such as communicating, adapting to change, teamwork and problem solving.
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of the running of a business and understanding how it responds to change as well as commercial principles generally.
  • Receive a fuller, more meaningful employer reference that will help in applying for future job roles.
  • Network and connect with other organisations linked to the industry placement that will help in identifying future job roles.
  • Experience personal growth: to develop self-reliance, step outside their comfort zone, build confidence and learn about themselves to identify their strengths and preferences for future career options.

The Industry Placements team are located by the main reception or you may contact us for further information: 


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