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Acing Archery

As part of their land-based activities unit, Uniformed Public Services students headed over to Woking Archery Club in the recent term. Throughout their course students are expected to practice key characteristics such as leadership, discipline, strategic planning, coordination, teamwork and a plethora of other skills which are required in this line of work – This day trip was no exception to these high standards.

Students began their day trekking together to the club from the College campus. They were then given the challenge of pitching their tent and setting up the archery field. They had to work as a team and demonstrate their abilities in problem solving and practical development. They were then able to learn shooting and compete against each other. The students also went orienteering around a historic World War II runway close to the area. 

“I really enjoyed the archery today. There was a lot of technicality and you had to learn to do it accurately.” Ewan, Uniformed Public Service students

Archery GB Instructor Richard teaches the Level 1 Archery training course at Woking Archery Club. Together with his team of volunteers, Richard taught our students all the essentials from how to set up the area to the correct health and safety procedures. 

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