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Although we are all facing a difficult time in the world, there is lots of kindness and optimistic spirit around us. We would like to share these little moments of joy throughout this period to help brighten your days. Have you seen or done anything positive lately? Let us know! 

Getting creative with cleanliness…

Here is The Hand Washing Rap! 

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Credit: Purple All Stars

A great feel good story to inspire you…

Two teenagers in South Yorkshire have been handing out care packages to vulnerable people.

“We really do need to pull together as a community.”

Credit: BBC

Staying at home can be tough…

  • Keep your brain occupied and challenged. Read books, magazines and articles. Listen to podcasts, watch films and do puzzles.
  • Stay active. Dance to music, see how many starjumps you can do between a tv ad break or follow online workout sessions.
  • Connect with people. Have video lunches with your friends, plan to watch the same show “togetheR” and text about it or make a classic phone call.

Credit: Woking Mind

Feeling worried? The APPLE technique could help you:

Acknowledge the uncertainty
Pause and breathe
Pull back from overthinking
Let go of emotions
Explore the present moment

Credit: BBC

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