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Although we are all facing a difficult time in the world, there is lots of kindness and optimistic spirit around us. We would like to share these little moments of joy throughout this period to help brighten your days. Have you seen or done anything positive lately? Let us know!

Reach For The Stars

Staff & residents at Bupa UK (Wingham Court Care Home) have come together to create an uplifting video to the S Club 7 song.

Shine A Light

Staff & the community at Ipswich Hospital sing together to share their support to key workers.

Street Inspiration

This clever street artist turns cracks in the pavement into something interesting!

Power In Me

Singing their hearts out; schools, families and children around the world came together in a joyous virtual choir.

Doggo World Record!

Finley Molloy is a very good boy and has broken the record for the amount of tennis balls in his mouth – 6.

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A post shared by Finley Molloy (@finnyboymolloy) on

The Ultimate Fort

We’ve all made a fort from the sofa and bedsheets right? From a Wigwåm to a Förtress, level up your fort skills with IKEA’s instructions to try at home.

Click Here To See Instructions

The Company Meeting

Who’s a good dog? You’re a good dog! Olive and Mabel were set for a serious talk with their boss recently aka sports commentator Andrew Cotter.

Swimming The English Channel In My Back Garden

A superstar young lady, 10-year old Connie is swimming the length of the English Channel in her paddling pool to raise money for the NHS. 

BBC Radio Surrey and comedian David Walliams give Connie support and encouragement, commenting on her fantastic idea for a good cause. 

Homemade Lava Lamp

Try out this science experiment and let us know how it goes!

You will need:
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
2 tablespoons water
10 drops of food colouring
1 fizzing tablet

Fun with chores

Each day this father and daughter dress up in fun character costumes on their trip to put the rubbish out.

The power of doing nothing

When was the last time you did absolutely NOTHING? Take 10 mindful minutes for yourself to just be present.

In this helpful TED Talk, Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe explains how the mind can be refreshed in as little as 10 minutes a day. By simply taking time out to just be still and do nothing, you will be able to become more present and be able to take control of your life.

Thank You NHS

A lovely collage of gratitude from our Hair & Beauty team! 

The Joy of Painting

Enjoy a little calm and artistic inspiration.

Our Superheroes.

Notorious street artist Banksy is well known for sharing bold, eye-opening opinions through his artwork. Southampton General Hospital awoke to find a heartwarming painting from the artist dedicated to the hard-working NHS workers. The artwork depicts the key workers are superheroes, whilst the usuals of batman and spiderman have been thrown in the bin by a small child. This is an incredibly touching tribute to the workers who are standing on the front line for our nation right now.

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A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on

Credit: BBC.News

Stay calm. Stay motivated. Stay courageous.

Our SEND & Transition team are sharing their positive spirit during remote working. 

Free therapy for key workers

Various initiatives have been set up to offer free therapy for healthcare workers during this difficult time.

To keep calm and carry on is very challenging as they are working incredibly hard every day. Projects including, Duty to Care and Frontline19 are supporting key workers and their mental health.

Credit: Positive.News

Wildlife Watch

Have you been birdwatching or spotted the charming butterflies near the blooming flowers? As we remain at home and enjoy our gardens more, the Surrey Wildlife Trust has created a quiz to see how wildlife is thriving in across the county. The quiz will give you a rating of how wildlife-friendly your garden is and offer tips to entice creatures in. 

Take The Wildlife Garden Quiz

Random Acts of Kindness

The world is full of incredible people wishing to help others in this difficult time and spread optimism, here are a few lovely examples. 

  • 63 year old Julia in Wisconsin, USA has been sewing masks for her community. She hangs them on a stand outside and offers people to “please take what you need.”  
  • The Girl Scouts of Orange County decided to treat their local nurses with pamper gift bags including candles, meditation colouring books and cookies. 
  • On Easter morning, young siblings Sofia and Astor chose write positive personal notes to be distributed around their street and make their neighbours smile.  

Credit: Good News Network

Feeling positive

Staff and students have been doing a brilliant job of staying positive whilst remote learning. Here’s a fun video, as part of our StaffTiks, follow @brooklandscollege on TikTok for a brand new video every day this week!

Gerbil Art

Pandoro and Tiramisù attend the grand opening of the first gerbil themed art gallery! A couple in London have found this ingenious gap in the market which will, no doubt, thrive in the rodent entertainment industry. 


Crafting With Kindness

Crafters around the world have been putting their skills to good use by making useful items for the NHS.

Credit: Positive News

T-Rex roams wild!

No longer extinct, dinosaurs have been roaming the streets across the world! People are protecting themselves in some hilarious costumes when they need to go out and making the public smile.


Joy 4 All

A group of teenagers in Canada have launched a free hotline for seniors where they can listen to jokes, stories and positive messages. The aim is to give hope those who are isolated and add a little brightness to their days.

Credit: Good News Network

“But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Friday fun!

Social distancing and the art of imagination (and a sock).



A word which feels somewhat foreign in these current times, but a little structure can help a lot to focus your mind and give yourself confidence.

This could mean setting a target to do 3 workouts a week, bake-a-cake Sundays, a creativity hour each day… whatever works for you. 

Credit: Women’s Health

Keep On Movin’

Unable to jam the conventional way, cover band Felix Culpa aka Surrey resident Sophie and her Sheffield bandmate Kase had fun creating musical goodness with a little help from artists around the world!

Credit: Felix Culpa

Our superheroes!

In tribute to our NHS workers, a number of murals have been painted to show support and gratitude through these challenging times. outside the box…

Credit: Shropshire Star

Thinking outside the box…

A college student from the USA has been sewing, and freely giving out, reusable face masks for the hard of hearing. 


Whether you want to unwind or just listen to something peaceful while you go about your day, this tranquil 3-hour mix is perfect. 

Need some inspiration?

Here’s a really interesting list of things to do at home including:

  • Explore with virtual guides of museums, zoos, ancient cities and outer space.
  • Get a little culture with virtual art exhibitions, history podcasts or virtual music collaborations
  • Be mindful with Tai Chi lessons, craft projects or live meditations. 

Credit: ChatterPack

Recreate famous paintings…

In the midst of the worldwide oddities, Getty is influencing us to get creative with a challenge to recreate famous works of art using household objects! 

Credit: Getty 

Feeling bored?

Here are some imaginative ways to keep yourself occupied…

  • Collect leaves from ten different (non-harmful) plants. Sort them by size, color, and texture.
  • Write or tell a story titled “What if humans had to leave the Earth and no one remembered to turn off the last robot?”
  • Set a clock three hours and seven minutes ahead. Whenever someone needs to know the time, help them figure it out by subtracting.  

Credit: We Are Teachers

Getting creative with cleanliness…

Here is The Hand Washing Rap! 

Watch Video 

Credit: Purple All Stars

A great feel good story to inspire you…

Two teenagers in South Yorkshire have been handing out care packages to vulnerable people.

“We really do need to pull together as a community.”

Credit: BBC

Staying at home can be tough…

  • Keep your brain occupied and challenged. Read books, magazines and articles. Listen to podcasts, watch films and do puzzles.
  • Stay active. Dance to music, see how many starjumps you can do between a tv ad break or follow online workout sessions.
  • Connect with people. Have video lunches with your friends, plan to watch the same show “togetheR” and text about it or make a classic phone call.

Credit: Woking Mind

Feeling worried? The APPLE technique could help you:

Acknowledge the uncertainty
Pause and breathe
Pull back from overthinking
Let go of emotions
Explore the present moment

Credit: BBC

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