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Civica cloud software – agile, streamlined system

Brooklands College is investing in extending smart cloud software from Civica to bring multiple systems into one simple platform across Human Resources (HR) and Payroll, Finance and Education Management.

Civica is the UK’s largest software company focused on the public sector. With over 30 years of proven expertise, and their platform will provide a complete tailored system as the College continues to focus activities on the educational needs of the local community.

The College is the first to implement Civica’s PeopleLIVE, FinancialsLIVE and Resource Education Management System (REMS) together. The new cloud platform will support all areas of HR and payroll, including improving the Single Central Record and new modules to digitise absence reporting, gender pay gap reporting and health and safety issues.

REMS will help streamline education management in a single cloud system, keeping track of every student and course, integrating with FinancialsLIVE for improved financial planning.

The new joined-up platform will deliver a seamless system for College teams.

Sarah Glasspool, Executive Director of Finance and Resources and People Performance at Brooklands College said: “We are really pleased to be working in partnership with Civica to develop a robust platform which meets the needs of all our staff and College activities”.

“Better integration of all our HR, payroll, finance and education management systems will eliminate duplication; while improved automation will allow our employees to self-serve quickly, freeing up time to add value for students and the educational outcomes of our College and needs of the local community.”

Kirsty Fowler, Managing Director, HR and Payroll at Civica added:  “We understand the challenges faced by colleges, needing to adapt to constant change to deliver the best academic and wellbeing outcomes for students. Our smart digital technology will significantly reduce time spent on HR and finance administration by boosting automation and digitisation across the college. This means less time spent on data entry and more focused on academic improvements.”

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