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As part of their Apprentice challenge learning module, our SEND & Transition learners have been working in groups on a number of enterprise activities. In correlation to this, they held a variety of events at our Weybridge campus for college members to get involved with during the recent Autumn term.

E2 Foundation for Employment learners held a stall selling personalised candles using photo submissions, non-personalised votive candles in glass holders, a selection of handmade cards and some lovely scarves. The group also ran a tombola with over 50 prizes to be won. 

Level 1 Employment & Transition learners organised a silent auction for the college with prizes including a decorative family tree frame, a crochet hedgehog, 2 hours of online Spanish lessons and 2 hours of online crochet lessons. There were also handmade cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies on offer. 

A staff car wash was provided by the learners which received lots of positive feedback including lecturer Dina. “I had my car cleaned today and was very impressed by the result. The inside was spotless: all dried leaves removed. The students had cleared months of dirt from the outside and even the green moss on the join between unused windows and body had disappeared. The wheel hubs sparkled. I think they did a better job than me! Highly recommended. Five stars. Great value for money.”

And, last but not least, the learners held a Christmas event which included a raffle, a ‘soak Harry’ game as well as stalls selling hot chocolate, personalised ID badge holders and tealights for candles. 

One group of learners – Zain, Adam, Sebastian, Dhilan and Halery – were selling handmade Christmas cards and snowmen made of socks and rice.

“I enjoyed setting up the store and making the advertising posters.” Adam
“I loved the process of creating nice things for Christmas with my friends.” Sebastian
I enjoyed discussing the ideas and making a plan for apprentices..” Dhilan

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