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Kindness Matters

Between 18th – 24th May, this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week championed the “Kindness Matters” value. The Brooklands College Student Enrichment team constantly look to positively develop young minds and encourage kindness between the students. For Mental Health Awareness week, our social media platforms were taken over by this campaign to promote positive thinking and support to our students.

Imagine a world where we can succeed by being nice, where we all look out for each other, where we all pay it forward and where kindness is the norm.

Feeling stressed? Here are some useful links to help you:

Mind & Wellbeing

Thursday 21st May, World Meditation Day fell very nicely on Mental Health Awareness Week. Life can often feel overwhelming – especially in the current climate. Meditation is a way of stopping still for a moment and taking time to reflect. 

Health & Wellbeing therapist Michelle from Mind Body Element (, hosted a guided meditation & relaxation session for Brooklands College. Take the opportunity to look after your mental health and find your inner peace – watch video

Library Assistant Sarah completed the 21 day meditation challenge. She found herself looking at things in her life more positively and looked forward to her 20 minutes a day of switching off and listening to the day’s audio session on her headphones. – watch video

Resources To Take Care Of YOU

Mindful Entertainment 

Activities To Do At Home

  • Bake something delicious, donate £5 to MIND and then challenge 5 friends to do the same – #bakethendonate
  • Carry out random acts of kindness in your home & neighbourhood with this activity booklet
  • Looking for a creative challenge? Join the nation in a crafty fundraising project this month. Stay connected with family and friends by making something together. 

Netflix For The Mind 

  • I Feel Pretty: An empowering film – struggling with insecurity & low self-esteem, Renee wakes up from a fall with a sudden belief that she is the most beautiful person on the planet.
  • The Upside: A wonderful film based on a true story of an unlikely friendship that blossoms between two men from very different backgrounds.
  • Friends: A light-hearted series of a group of friends enjoying life together and creating memories.
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Tidy room, tidy mind. A helpful series with tips of how to declutter and keep a clean environment.
  • Dumplin: A revolutionary film of a plus-size teenager singing up to a beauty pageant and standing up for herself. 


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