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Throughout Monday 19 October – Friday 23 October, staff & students united (virtually and/or socially distanced) to celebrate Colleges Week 2020. This year’s event highlighted the developments and resilience shown from colleges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day brought on a new theme to showcase the positive actions as well as help the nation share why we #LoveOurColleges. 

Brooklands College is at the centre of 

…the economic rebuild
We are proud to work with various employers and industry partners to provide excellent prospects for the community. Our valued partners include Cherith Simmons Learning & Development, DTP Builders, Glenlyn Medical Centre, Lee Marley Brickwork Ltd, Sunrise Senior Living, Sythwood Primary School, The Runnymede on Thames Hotel, United Living, Ward Williams and West Surrey Racing.

…growing and supporting individual sectors
We have a wide range of flourishing departments which make a real difference to young minds. We help to shape their future and provide vital industry skills for university or employment.

…innovation and designing the future
“Julia has shown us that… anything is possible.” Our Child Studies & Education lecturer Julia Chaplin received a record breaking number of notations for the NCFE Aspiration Awards 2020! She is a real inspiration, helping to shape young minds with innovative learning techniques.

…supporting people and supporting communities
We are always here to help our students and make sure that they have a positive college experience. Our dedicated SEND & Transition team provide learners with the guidance they need whilst also allowing them the freedom to grow in confidence.

…the COVID-19 response
We all need a little #BCpositivity in our lives! We are immensely proud of our staff & students for their kindness during the pandemic. From donations to rainbows and uplifting activities, we stand together (socially distanced) in these challenging times, 

We were proud to mark this occasion through social media, during our lessons and on campus. Students also enjoyed posing with our selfie frame and showing their love for Brooklands College. 

Discover the #BCexperience


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