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Delivered in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, our Motorsport Engineering Foundation Degrees are a popular choice to students who want a practical learning experience where they can really get stuck into the course and put their hands on fantastic machinery. We caught up with a couple of our current learners who are thoroughly enjoying their Higher Education course with us: George Light and Jake Wood. 

Brooklands College vs. University
“I went to university for two terms and then I dropped out and came here. There wasn’t really much hands on experience in an engineering degree that I was  looking for. I heard from a friend that was already on the Motorsport course, that it was quite good and there was a lot more hands on experience. I looked into doing it and decided that it was a good idea to come here. I’m happy with the course and it’s lived up to my expectations.” George 

“My mum found Brooklands College, she was searching for something for me to do. I didn’t want to go to university as it’s expensive. I came to an open day, had a look around, spoke to Richard (Jack’s lecturer) and thought ‘let’s do this’. 

We have a car that we’ve been working on for a while.  My friends were doing mechanical engineering at university. Neither of them liked it as it wasn’t so hands on. I said ‘why don’t you come to Brooklands?’ I showed them some photos and videos of what I was doing and they decided to join me. They seem to be enjoying it too.” Jack 

My #BCexperience
“I like working in the machine shop, doing composites and getting experience to be able to go into the industry. Learning CAD as well is quite helpful.” George

“I really enjoy CAD in engineering design, learning how to use all of the software and then 3D printing the parts that I’ve made. Vehicle dynamics is quite interesting, learning about how cars act when you change certain things on them.” Jack

My Advice
“Just go with what you like to do. Don’t go somewhere because it sounds better, just go with what you enjoy doing. I would recommend Brooklands College. I have enjoyed it so far.“ George

“Come and have a look around! Speak to the people here, everyone’s really nice. See what facilities there are and see if it’s something you’d like to do. Give it a go.” Jack

Future Plans 
“I want to stick with engineering and hopefully work in motorsport, designing or something like that.” George

“Something in motorsport, I haven’t quite put my finger on it yet!” Jack

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