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My Bricklaying Apprenticeship

The Brooklands College Construction staff and students continuously achieve great standards of work and success. The department regularly gains top places in national competitions and also holds loyal partnerships with numerous companies in the industry. 

We are proud to announce a new milestone for the College as we celebrate the department’s first apprentices to complete the NVQ3 Bricklaying Apprenticeship certificate. 

“Whilst on this apprenticeship, I have enjoyed learning new skills and getting to work alongside other bricklayers that have been doing it for years, and learning a thing or two from them.” Joshua Haynes, Lee Marley Brickwork Apprentice, wishes to keep learning new skills, progress in the industry and become a contracts manager. “I would recommend Brooklands College as the staff are very nice and helpful. Also because of the opportunities they have given me which I may not have gotten anywhere else.”

“I really enjoyed my apprenticeship, I learnt many things and had a very good tutor who was always ready to help. It was a very friendly environment.” George Berg, Patton Projects Apprentice, plans to work his way up to having his own bricklaying / construction firm. “I would recommend people to study bricklaying at Brooklands College because the workspace is very spacious, the quality of teaching is excellent and they have the best equipment.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the course – great tutors and assessor, always keen to help and show you how things are done. The support is always there!” Tyler Pearce, Lee Marley Brickwork Apprentice, has the ambition of becoming a supervisor and to progress onto a contracts manager. “I would 100% recommend Brooklands College! The staff and support are always there. The skills you gain are there for life, along with the achievements you gain along the way.”

“I enjoyed the course due to the amount of practical elements involved and the great teaching from my tutor Christian.” Zak Kharbouch, Hansford Builders Apprentice, plans to carry on building and bricklaying.I would recommend Brooklands College due to the amount of new tools and the up-to-date teaching methods.”

“I have enjoyed learning a good trade and gained lots of experience over the time of my course.” Toby Forbes, Lee Marley Brickwork Apprentice, would like to continue the trade and excel as far as he can with the company. “I would 100% recommend Brooklands College to anyone. They have been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Finally, a big shout out to Christian who has been a fantastic tutor and very helpful and supportive from day 1.”

The apprenticeship has been a good experience, it will be very useful for my plans and opportunities for the future.” Luke Neville, Lee Marley Brickwork Apprentice, wants to work his way up in the company and potentially run his own jobs. “I would highly recommend Brooklands College for bricklaying, there are so many sponsors that provide them with the best tools and equipment for the practical lessons.”

“I’ve enjoyed my apprenticeship very much. I have been able to join a great company where I have been able to improve my knowledge and skills of construction. I have met many people throughout the apprenticeship who have helped guide me through and have helped me wherever it was needed. Most importantly, I have gained a great qualification.” George Fergusson, Lee Marley Brickwork Apprentice, intends to work his way up through the company and progress on to be a site foreman/manager. “I would definitely recommend Brooklands College to anyone. Throughout the years I have been there, I have learnt lots of knowledge and many skills. We’ve had more than enough materials and resources all thanks to our tutor Christian. We’ve always had help and support whenever it was needed. I enjoyed my time at Brooklands College.”

And finally, one more Lee Marley Brickwork Apprentice celebrating success at the College is Naomi Hamilton. She has just completed her NVQ2 Bricklaying Apprenticeship certificate and will progress onto the NVQ3 Bricklaying certificate. “It was hard to start off with, being the only female on site, I enjoyed the work and enjoyed having the experience working on big sites.” Naomi Hamilton intends to carry on working in the industry and possibly start up her own small business. “I would recommend Brooklands college to anybody. Christian is a really good teacher. He helped me build my confidence and self-esteem up, and he has helped me get so far.”

This is a fantastic achievement for all of the students and we wish them the very best of luck in their future. Raise your trowels in a triumph! 

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