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My British Airways Work Experience

by Natassia Ive

During my work experience I visited British Airways Headquarters, The Training Centre and Terminal 5. I had a tour of the Heritage Museum where I got to see British Airways history of 100 years, and how the aviation and the uniform has changed since. In the training centre, I got to see all of the simulators where the pilots and cabin crew train. I also got to speak to a lot of people in British Airways about what they do within the company and how they meet customer needs.

The best part of my British Airways work experience was that I got to try on the BA uniform, which was such a privilege and an amazing experience for me, and how smart it looked. What I found most interesting was the live briefing before the cabin crew fly, and how they have to remind themselves of the health and safety procedures. I got to see and try out the new lounges and club suites which were so comfortable and luxurious.

A former Salesian School student, Natassia Ive joined Brooklands College in September 2019 to study Level 3 Travel and Tourism with Cabin Crew. Natassia is enjoying the course and doing extremely well gaining distinction grades on her course work.

British Airways is a prominent airline for the United Kingdom, proudly bearing the country’s flag. Having celebrated 100 years of the company in 2019, British Airways represents the open-minded and pioneering individuals of modern Britain. 

From this experience, I gained a better understanding of British Airways and knowing what their values are. Doing this work experience encourages me to work harder with my course and, in the future, I want to work as cabin crew with British Airways.

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