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Policing – Offering exciting career pathways

The HNC in Policing students at the College have had a busy few weeks as they edge closer towards completing their higher qualification.

Not only have they been working hard on assignments, but they have been making their applications to join various positions within the Police Service; and recently received an inspirational visit from Gavin Stephens, Chief Constable of Surrey Police along with a team from his force.

Students were set three tricky topics on contemporary policing issues and asked to present to Chief Constable Stephens and his team. He commented that:

“We have been really impressed with all the presentations that we have heard this morning…… it was great to get insight from groups on research that they had done, analysis that they had conducted and the conclusions that they had drawn about how to make our county safe and feel safe as well.”

The structure of the HNC course has enabled many of our students to take on the valuable role of a Special Constable within Surrey Police or the MET Police alongside their studies, in preparation for working as a Full-time Police Constable.

There are various progression routes open to our students, whether they choose to continue their studies on the HND in Policing at Brooklands College, or like one of our students this year go onto the Surrey Police Degree Apprenticeship scheme, or head straight into a full-time Constable role.

We have been delighted to share in their success, seeing the wonderful progression into relevant, important careers. Asked about the course this is what they had to say:

“You definitely learn the skills and gain the knowledge to progress onto the Apprenticeship and it’s great to meet people that want to do the same thing.”

“It’s not all about exams the course is more practical.”

“I’ve had a really good time and experience at BC.”

“There is a friendly atmosphere, and all the tutors are great! The dyslexia support has been great.”

“Assignments are so much better than exams, the time element works better for me.”

We are currently accepting applications for the HNC and HND in Policing, starting September 2022. Please contact a member of our Admissions Team for more information

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